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Walter Dunner Ltd is a family owned and managed company, founded in 1935 in Moutier, Switzerland. It is specialized in manufacturing tooling for Swiss automatic lathes. With 15 employees, the company is worldwide known (75% of the production is exported) and the motto of the company has always been : Quality and Precision. Innovation and new developpement of accurate products have been a priority since the very beginning of the company. Solving the problems of the endusers is Dunner's challenge.

Guide Bushes

The New Surf ceramic guide bush is a product which has been invented and improved to perfection. It is a work of six years by Walter Dunner SA. The utilization of the New Surf ceramic guide bush has been proven particularly in its efficacy in all the stainless steels and all materials that otherwise easily get stuck in the guide bush.

Almost all the guide bush models are available in New Surf in a scale range form 1mm to 2mm.

The New Surf can be used as well in fixed type guide bush as in revolving type.

<Surf> in your turning and discover the pleasure of the guide bush which will not jam!

Advantages of the new system:

-Automatic CNC controled rotating guide bush
-Autoregulating guide bush for materials varying of 0.50mm!
-Bar of material is guided and supported on 40 mm
-Diameter of guide bush is always exact as it follows the diameter of the material
-Production of high precision pieces even with bars unground, which normaly can not be used in Swiss type turing
-it is much easier to find material on the market to be used on Swiss type turing lathes.
-Possibility to close the guide bush onto the bar for cutting, side drilling or milling operation, what increases the stability of the workpiece.


The large opening collet is a patented pick off collect system design to open more than a standard collet allowing it to pass over a shoulder or threads and clamp on a smaller diameter. It can be made with the form of a screw head broaching operation without damage to the part threads. Its efficiency has been proven by many Medical and Dental companies.

Operation of a large opening collet

1Opening for picking the screw

2Clamping and working
3Eject of the finished screw

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